conversations over beer

Conversations Over Beer

A snippet of analog conversation between one full-time vocational minister and a former one, over a few beers. 

"You know we live in a post-Christian context and Christians need to come to terms with this reality as soon as possible or risk being pushed further to the fringes of society."

"So much of our American Christianity is just the good life defined by the American dream. Working hard, acquiring stuff with a very thin veil of Jesus-overlay."

"I find that sad. We have served them to the point that their comfort trumps the gospel. Did our collective success make them into what they are? Did we win? At what cost?"

"Maybe we've reached more people and given then a lovely idea of 'church' and 'community', yet left them without any of the crushing or outstanding news. Our best news is the American dream? Ouch." 

"That dream is a relic for so many. And perhaps that is the opportunity. There is a reality that gives you more grace, more peace, more joy, and more freedom than anything you've ever dreamed possible. Gospel freedom must be real. But we must immerse ourselves into this mess of society. We helped create it."




Conversations Over Beer

He asks, "What are looking for in people to hire?"

"Honestly?", I reply. "Of course."

"I'm seeking those who know the art of relating. The soft skills, the one who's secure in their identity and isn't looking for a defense. Graceful in their presence and a clear perception of reality. It might sound simple but it's not easy to find in these times. We are relationally challenged, full of guilt and shame that keeps us bound to ourselves, unable to truly serve and therefore know others. Real relationships and when did we have to start qualifying them with 'real', anyway, they are fundamentally rooted in one's freedom to die to self in order to give life to another. You can't fake this, and those who have it are easily known. And I'm on the hunt for them, 24/7."