Grace, North Georgia, and Beer

Today marks the Grand Opening of Reformation Brewery Canton and I’m so proud of what this moment means.

It’s a great day for the grace of God. That might make both religious and nonreligious people uncomfortable, but it’s the truth. Reformation Brewery doesn’t exist without grace. It takes grace to set people free and reform expectations. Grace is the freeing power to swing, to miss, and to connect. Grace is why, how, and what will forever distinguish Reformation Brewery as long as I’m the CEO. At Reformation Brewery, we seek to share grace with others and when we do, we set beer free. Grace, while not always painless, always wins.

And today, North Georgia wins. North Georgia has always been and will always be home. The Georgia highlands have shaped me. I’m a native son, from born-on date on 770 Main St. Canton to graduation at the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega to marrying another north Georgian and having kids and raising them here, too. Suffice it to say, there are not many areas of these hills I’ve not wandered and enjoyed. These forests, waterways, and trails have given me a love for the outdoors and an appreciation for the many and varied ecosystems that exist here. These towns have introduced me to people and relationships that are not just unique, but that share a common love and passion for life here. It’s hard to articulate what makes a place special, but the North Georgia community is special. There is something undefined, unrecognized, and underappreciated about North Georgia culture, and I’m perfectly content with the mystery.

Reformation Brewery in Canton is located in the North Georgia corridor off I-575, fortunate to be located in The Mill on Etowah, an adaptive reuse development project of the original Canton Textile Mill. We are honored to bring craftsmanship back to a historic mill. Reformation Brewery is proudly North Georgia Made, Cherokee County first by choice, and we are here to serve you more than just a beer. We are here to celebrate the various moments of life and to deliver you a sense of what North Georgia culture is all about.

Finally, today, beer wins. Independently owned, well-made beer is not only changing the beer landscape, it’s impacting local economies and communities in new, exciting, and often very authentic ways. Independent craft beer is also pushing innovation and quality. This is not the craft beer industry of five years ago. So much has changed and is rapidly changing. And it should be getting better and better in terms of quality and brands. Reformation Brewery is inspired by our industry’s growth and consumer demands. While we will always respect and cherish the timelessness of beer, we will also push boundaries and challenge the definitions. Our growth and expansion into Canton gives us more space and more freedom and that makes for a very bright future for Reformation Brewery and the beer we are honored to craft. We will make timeless, inspiring craft beer for the reformer in you.

Reformation Brewery is officially open in Canton. This is just the beginning of another chapter. So we pause and give thanks to grace, North Georgia, and beer. Come raise a glass and set beer free, cheers!

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photo: Chris Henderson

photo: Chris Henderson

And Happy Birthday Goss, miss you, this one’s for you.