Realistic Holiness

We all think we are God's greatest gifts to His own creation and without us, God would be deficient and unable to act. If we pry deep enough into that well we discover our wanton affair with our own glory. God doesn't just need my actions, he even needs my intent, my desires, my faith, my piety to be a better God. So much of our work, including "godly work," is a mask for our addiction to praise, self-praise. Self-praise all boils down to God needing me to fulfill the Law in my life.

The simple prepositional phrase "for God" we've added to so many of our actions may indeed prove to destroy all true holiness. It's a scandalous and a humble day to come to the realization that God does not need me, “but God” loves me anyway. It strikes at the very core of our definitions of worth, to have worth we must perform. The greatest holiness we receive is not and cannot be earned. The upside-down world that Christ brings leaves no rock unturned, even the most comfortable of ruses and lies, self-salvation.