Thankful and Treat Project

Paula and I are passionate about our children's classical education. Sometimes it's a difficult road in the day to day grind, but when we step back and evaluate our progress and our children, we are blown away by their level of knowledge, wisdom, and genuine care for others. They have intellect, values, and passions that already far exceed anything we have. We have reached the point in our children's lives and their education that they are now teaching us and giving us a perspective that challenges our old ways, which creates growth for our entire family. We've prayed for years that this would happen and we are now enjoying the many fruits. It is so much fun and this Thanksgiving it is that for which I am most grateful.

I would like to share a project they've been working on for over a year. I've had the privilege of teaching them a unit, that has turned into a year-long project, on entrepreneurship. The goal of the unit is to explore the lessons of life through entrepreneurship and inspire the values of serving, belonging, and giving back to a community. I want to simply to pass on some of the values and lessons I've gained and learned in my own journey. They have been tasked with creating a small business. I have overseen their progress and challenged them along the way, but they have been responsible for all the work. We are now ready for the next chapter in this project, sharing the vision and executing the plan. So head on over to and see what we've been up to. Tell us where we've failed with an understanding that it's an educational project but also, please do order something. I want them to experience these new challenges in a community that wants the best for them as well. They are so excited about this and I can't wait to see their reaction to the first orders. And I promise, Paula oversees the baking, we won't poison you. Thanks for loving ours!