This Falcons Moment

Today I read a great word from Michael Vick on the power of a moment and the power of family. I'm so proud of Vick and his story, it gave me all the feels. I've been an Atlanta homer my entire life and have experienced a majority of the professional sports history of this town. This Falcons Moment has me sentimental and thankful for our city and our larger struggles.

It's not easy being an Atlanta sports fan. But in some ways I think our sports struggles relate to our bigger struggles as a city and a people. And I'm not going to pretend that a long history of problems are going to be solved by a professional sports moment. But this Falcons Moment is meaningful and bigger than just sports. I've been out doing Reformation beer promos during this Falcons run and have experienced it firsthand. The timing has been awesome. It has been a great distraction from the political noise and it has brought us together as a city and people. 

So yeah, "Rise Up!" means a little more to me this year. I'm proud to be an Atlanta fan. You might not understand it but that's okay. I'm going to enjoy this Super Bowl moment with our city, our family, and our shared struggles. Let's win this last one for Tommy Nobis, Leeman Bennett, Billy "Whiteshoes" Johnson, William Andrews, Gerald Riggs, Lynn Cain, Steve Bartkowski, Mick Luckhurst, Bill Fralic, Mike Kenn, Jeff Van Note, Jessie Tuggle, Michael Vick, and the entire city of Atlanta! Let's keep uniting to celebrate. Whether its a victory parade the likes this city has never experienced or over the next Union we have at the local pub. Cheers to Atlanta, let's enjoy this Falcons Moment.