Truths for the Moment

Pagan worship focuses on corporate and individual cultic efforts seeking to mollify the gods and secure their blessing. Today many Christians' understanding of worship differs little from that of pagans, except perhaps that God is singular and the forms of worship come from traditions more or less rooted in Scriptures. Largely divorced from life, such worship represents a pattern of religious activities driven by a deep-seated sense of obligation to God and a concern to win his favor. But this understanding is unbiblical; it separates worship from daily life and compartmentalizes human existence into the sacred and the secular. -For the Glory of God: Recovering a Biblical Theology of Worship, Block, 23.

We are certainly a people who want one dimensional definition for multidimensional truth. Nowhere is that more dangerous than when we attempt to define the complexity of worship into one compartment. I love Block's humility in admitting we can't describe the phenomena of worship, we can characterize parts of it, "but to define biblical worship is to confine it."