Sabbatical Reads

I'm taking intentional time to read more holistically during this sabbatical month. I may add a book list and/or reviews later but I'm also catching up on things via this modern creation called the internet. From the hypersensitive evangelical culture to the hyper-obsessed craft beer movement to the hyper-hyped commentary of preseason college football analysis to the hyper-pretentious art + music + culture bubble to the hyper-obsessed business + tech news, there is an unending stream of distractions for me.  Speaking of, how does the internet expect me to keep up with all this silliness? What if I become contextually out of touch? Mr. Internet and his nefarious son The Incursive Dr. Facebook sure seem to think I'm doomed to a meaningless existence. But of course this is all from a padawan Cynical Dreamer. So I've been told. 

Here are some links (some videos) if you'd like to come along. I'll be updating as I go. Feel free to comment, but 'mystery science theater' type commentary will earn extra credit.  

Did Jesus Make a Mistake? 

Poolside Purity

Real Satisfaction 

Isn't that ironic? Don't you think? 

Concept the Mind

Startup Lessons from Founders

Atlanta Development

How well do you know Southern BBQ? (I scored a 70)

Just say when you want to go?

Must go here during DC trip, and maybe here,  or here, and back to here,  dinner with the POTUS here, and looking like we will need to use this

Death of Quality

I hate the yanks, but I love baseball culture.

Religious Freedom