Haiti: A Year Later

It’s now been one year since my experience in the post-quake Haiti.  I’m still unable to put it into words beyond cliches and platitudes, but there is no denying I’m a different person because of it.  It’s had a profound impact upon my life and I don’t know exactly why. It has made me rethink a lot about my own life, my priorities, and the ventures I’m involved in. I have a different view of the world and the way it works and how people work within it. I have a different view of leadership and what that means. I am more convinced of the need for believers to live out the gospel in what could be considered ordinary ways. I appreciate relationships more deeply, from my wife to the stranger I’ve never met.  There is more focus on things of utmost importance and therefore freedom from the gaze and criticisms of others.  I’m more aware of my daily struggle with sin and desire to mortify it even more. I’m less annoyed but yet more passionate about the mission and story of God. I have a different perspective of ministry success, who ministry is for, why, and just a new way of thinking about it organizationally. I’m still trying to get “it” but it is coming, ever slowly. I see a democratization of charity/ministry that is far more powerful than any form of charity/ministry that yet exists. I see the old dying, the new coming, if not already here. I see a greater need for missional leaders who can put down their egos and grow, change, and learn as rapidly as our ever changing world. I’m far more impressed by what many consider unimpressive. I see a greater need to invest socially; beyond social media.